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Electrical Instrumentation & Controls

Arc Flash Analysis and

Engineering Services

Phoenix, AZ 

Owner/Client: City of Phoenix


Wilson Engineers was involved in a study which included Electrical field data collected for an Arc Flash Analysis for four of the City’s Water Treatment Plants.  Data collected was from 4160 Volt switchgear lineups, including relaying and electronic trip breaker settings, 480 Volt Motor Control Center data on starters, variable frequency drives, feeders, motors and disconnecting equipment. This data was used to determine the personnel protective equipment (PPE) requirements for the plant electrical staff, while working on live equipment and comply with OSHA and NFPA-70E requirements. Wilson Engineers was responsible for preparing the survey and providing recommendations to increase safety and reliability of the power system. 

3B-B2 Pump Station

Union Hills WTP Electrical Rehabilitation

Phoenix, AZ

Owner/Client: City of Phoenix

Wilson Engineers provided the design of upgrades to the existing APS service entrance, complete with new 2000A-4160V switchgear and new 2000A transformers at the Union Hills WTP. The transformer replacements were coordinated with APS which will required modifications to their switchyard. The plant 5kv electrical distribution consists of two separate Busses, Bus BA and Bus BB. The 5kv cable routing system of both Bus BA and Bus BB share the same common electrical manholes, which is a safety and maintenance issue when servicing the cables. As part of the project, the cable routing system were separated. A new Bus BB cable routing system was installed such that it is separate from the Bus BA system. In addition, a new extension to the Finished Water Electrical Building was constructed to house the new switchgear BB, which allows existing electrical loads to be transferred from the over capacity Bus BA to Bus BB.

Val Vista Transmission Main Rehab...
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